Friday, 22 January 2016

Downtown Dubai Apartments – Where to Find the Right Place

Downtown Dubai apartments are the most sought-after places of accommodation. Whether you are in the city for a temporary stay or for good, finding the right place is a must. Downtown apartments in Dubai are quite appealing for both investors and owner-occupiers. Thus, it is challenging to find the ideal place whenever an opportunity arises.

How to Find the Best Downtown Dubai Apartments

The first thing you need to do is to check the real estate listing in Dubai. If you are planning to rent, then there are no lengthy and stringent requirements to comply with. However, it is an entirely different story if you are buying an apartment in downtown Dubai. Speak with a mortgage broker specialist or go directly and speak with your bank for finance. Downtown Dubai apartments are good investments that offer capital appreciation.

There are various zones in downtown Dubai where you can rent or buy apartments without breaking the bank:

Business Bay

Although Business Bay is quite inferior compared to Downtown, this location is still good to consider. There is a good chance of capital appreciation on apartments in this location. Moreover, the area is already groomed and developed as the fashion center in the metro. The rise of the fashion district in the Business Bay area is a promising sign. Apartment buildings are basically expected to grow in the BB in order to cater the growing demands of investors and occupiers. The target market is young professionals who will be working in Downtown or the BB area with the rise of shops and bases of fashion designers from Dubai and around the world.


The location is also considered a mainly Emaar territory. It houses world-class attractions with the likes of the largest malls and tallest tower in Dubai. Downtown Dubai apartments sell like hot cakes and most of the properties in the location are downright expensive. However, despite the cost, apartments in downtown Dubai are definitely of highest quality. Since Dubai is a “new” city so to speak, most apartments are relatively new, clean, and unscathed. For those that want to rent Downtown Dubai apartments, there are units and flats that are amenable to multiple renters in order to help with the rental costs.

Renting or buying Downtown Dubai apartments is a lucrative venture. For renters that work and have business in Downtown Dubai or near areas, convenience is vital with your location. Buyers on the other hand are guaranteed capital appreciation on their investment.

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